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1065 paro® Smart-Sticks XS/S, Orange, ø 1.2/2 mm, 32 pcs

1065 paro® Smart-Sticks XS/S, Orange, ø 1.2/2 mm, 32 pcs

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The Ultimate Interdental Brush for a Radiant Smile

Clean and healthy teeth start with the right tools, and paro® smart-sticks XS/S, orange is the ultimate interdental brush for comprehensive cleaning and a healthy smile. Our metal-free interdental brush features soft rubber lamellas with an angled tip and propeller arrangement, providing complete coverage and effective cleaning.

  • Gentle and intuitive cleaning
  • Easy access to the molars
  • Stable and elastic to use
  • Soft rubber lamellas and rounded tip
  • Comprehensive and effective cleaning
  • Stimulating massage effect for healthy gum

Don't be fooled by its small size – paro® smart-sticks XS/S, orange packs a powerful punch, cleaning the interdental space gently and thoroughly while creating a stimulating, pleasant massage effect for healthy gums. Plus, its bright orange color adds a pop of fun to your dental routine!

Experience the difference with paro® smart-sticks XS/S, orange – the ultimate interdental brush for a healthy and radiant smile.

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