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A combination of professional prophylaxis and personal commitment to perfect oral hygiene and healthy teeth.

The desire for healthy teeth and flawless aesthetics is widespread, and the importance of teeth is constantly increasing in individual perception. Dental health is a valuable asset, healthy teeth fulfill the function of chewing, diseased or damaged teeth can be the cause of many acute and chronic diseases. 

Intensive care of the teeth is often an integral part of daily hygiene and the basis for healthy teeth. 

However, perfect dental care is more than just brushing your teeth. Perfect dental care is a long-term combination of professional care from specialists from the practice and personal care at home. 

The L ife L ong D ental Coaching program from paro ®swiss perfectly reflects this interaction between professionals from the practice, who advise you on the various disciplines of optimal oral health tailored to you, and you as the user in daily use. paro ®swiss quality products round off the result. Be amazed at how easy modern and perfect oral hygiene is today!

The paro ®swiss LLDC concept goes far beyond the care of natural teeth, as dentures, implants and orthodontic treatments also require special care. Whether fixed or removable, whether implant-supported dentures or orthodontic treatment – ​​here too, the top priority is “ remove plaque thoroughly ”. 

Just like on natural teeth, plaque also builds up on artificial teeth. Oral hygiene is particularly important here, because with non-body appliances there is a particular risk of gum inflammation due to niches and the open gum line. 

Gingivitis can quickly turn into periodontitis or peri-implantitis. Your personal oral health coach in the dental practice will give you the best advice so that you can keep your healthy, radiant smile for a long time.

If you also want to implement the paro LLDC concept in practice, we would be happy to provide you with our advice.

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